The Carlington Summit
by Matthew Darwin.

On September 21, construction began on Merivale Road between Central Park Drive (north) and Baseline Road. The modifications are for phase II of the Central Park development and include:

1. A new traffic light will be installed at the corner of Central Park Dr. (south) and Merivale Rd.

2. A raised median will be constructed on Merivale Rd. between Central Park Dr. (north) and connect to the existing median across from Nortel. This will prevent left-turn access into the sales centre. Provisions will be made for cyclists to access McCooey Lane from Merivale Rd.

3. A new right in/right out intersection will be constructed for the retail plaza to be built south of the existing sales centre.

4. The Nortel parking lot entrance just south of Central Park Dr. (south) will be removed. Traffic will be directed onto Central Park Dr. (south).

5. A continuous bicycle lane will be provided between Central Park Dr. north and south for southbound traffic.

6. A 2.0 metre wide sidewalk will be installed along the west side of Merivale Rd.

According to Bill Jolliffe, Project Manager at the Region, the construction including final paving is to be completed in November.