The Carlington Summit

The Ontario government's gesture of “refunding” up to $200 of provincial tax money is costing Ontario $1.2 billion while people are starving in our streets. It is costing the Federal Government $3 million to mail it out. Something to think about in terms of government priorities, isn't it?

Socials activists are encouraging people to be part of a grassroots movement to say no to this obscenity. If you receive a $200 Ontario Tax Dividend: don't endorse it — donate it.

Many Ontarians are not comfortable about getting this tax give-away from the government, knowing that the money comes to us at the expense of the most vulnerable people in our province.

For five years, the Ontario government has been reducing funding to children on welfare, families escaping domestic violence, the developmentally challenged, social housing communities, the elderly poor...Now they take tax dollars ‘saved' at such great human expense and give away $200 cheques to those of us who make enough to pay taxes. The families who need it most get none of it.

Please consider donating this money to charitable organizations that support homeless families and social housing initiatives, or other urgent social needs.