The Carlington Summit

Could you please tell us where our esteemed City Councillor is? It seems that he has disappeared since elected to the River Ward.

We see regular reports from Wendy Stewart but none from Jim Bickford, or at least none with his name attached if he does submit any news to the Summit.

Maybe you can enlighten me and other readers as to his well being?

Ron Horn

Mr. Bickford responds:

I am writing in response to the claim by Mr. Horn that I have disappeared since being elected in the April 6, 1999 by-election in the Mooney's Bay ward. In the 18 months since the by-election, I have worked with the Carlington Community Association and have regularly submitted my councillor's report at their executive meetings. In particular, I worked closely with the Carlington and Central Park communities on the issue of third access from the Ashcroft subdivision. In addition to the numerous constituent issues I deal with on a regular basis, all matters of general interest and importance in the community are brought forward to the community association for its consultation and input. I will continue this working relationship with the Carlington Community Association and the other eight community associations in my ward until my term ends on Dec. 31, 2000 and I will continue working on behalf of my constituents until that date.

Jim Bickford