The Carlington Summit

The Carlington Community Association's new executive was acclaimed at its annual general meeting.

Past president, Mark Lavinskas says the association is in good shape for Jim MacLean to take over the reigns.

The association's profile has been raised over the past year, says Lavinskas.

“We've been noticed at all government levels. We've opened a lot of people's eyes in government.”

Lavinskas was faced with battling the Ontario Municipal Board over traffic issues from the Ashcroft development.

MacLean, who briefly served as the association's secretary last year, says traffic remains a number one priority. Woodward and Laperriere avenues are trouble spots as a result of the new Nortel building on Coldrey.

The association's constitution was amended to factor in the traditionally low turnout rate at meetings. The rules for quorum went from requiring at least 20 per cent of members present to 10 per cent or a minimum of 10 members. About two dozen members showed up at last month's meeting.

The executive is comprised of the following:

President: Jim MacLean
Vice-President: Ida Grant
Secretary: Terry Dooley
Treasurer: Bruce Bradshaw
Chairman of Publicity: Ian McCuaig
Chairman of External Liaison: Daniel Stringer
Chairman of Policy and Research: Frances Tanner
Directors at large: Steven Agulnik, Carole Ford, Andy Richer and Pat Krawczyk