The Carlington Summit

The Central Park Citizens Group Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday November 22nd, 2000 at 7:45pm at the Carlington Gym, 1520 Caldwell Avenue. All residents of Central Park are encouraged to attend.

The AGM will include updates from our regional/city representatives, executive reports, a development update, a discussion and vote on park names, and a discussion on dogs in the main park. The meeting will also have the election of the 2000-2001 Central Park Citizens Group Board of Directors.

Any resident who is interested in standing for election, or would like to nominate a fellow resident, is encouraged to contact any member of Nominating Committee. The nominating committee consists of Anna Ekstrandh, Mandy Bjerkelund and Don Murray. Advance nominations are encouraged; however, nominations can be made at the AGM.

All those attending will be asked to sign an attendance sheet. Central Park residents over the age of 18 years who are members in good standing will be eligible to vote. Membership is $5 per household.

Please show your support for a strong community association by coming to the meeting on Nov. 22.

For more information about Central Park, visit the web site at