The Carlington Summit

Can you adopt 7 women who are building a community by learning crafts together, talking over problems, and helping each other out?

The Belair Craft Club offers women working at home an opportunity to get together, practice creative skills, and discuss issues that they have in common such as parenting, home management, community concerns, budgeting, or cooking. And because of the child care worker (who is there thanks to your support for an earlier adopt-a-program article), full-time moms get a break too.

The Club has many benefits for the women participating: members can offer peer support to each other; they can discuss problem-solving for those in similar situations; new women in the community can find friends; and everyone can learn about community services and resources. In addition, women learn, teach, or practice craft skills; they make practical items such as Christmas decorations and gifts; and they make group decisions about which crafts to do and what supplies to purchase. Children also benefit as they learn skills by doing crafts with their mothers.

Support for the Belair Craft Club includes the group facilitator, sponsored by Ottawa's Social Services department, and some supplies from Carlington Community and Health Services. But the Club needs a little help from the community: $20 a week for supplies and children's snacks; special craft supplies such as plastic canvas, glue guns and hot glue sticks, decorations, and wax for candle-making.

Think of all the fun and fellowship you've enjoyed while working together with good friends on a quilt, a meal, a garden, a painting project. Can you adopt 7 women and help them enjoy the same fun and friendship? Call Wanda Romaniec or Pat Birchall at 722-4000 about adoption.

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