The Carlington Summit

We are now into the month of February and the winter weather is in full force. I am sure by now that you have all received a copy of my yearly calendar; hopefully it will be a great help to you in the coming year. I have been busy in the last few months with my New Critic portfolio, researching, and familiarizing myself with the vast area that Science and Technology includes.

The science and technology sector is particularly important for me and for the city of Ottawa, because of the booming economy in both the technology, and biotechnology sectors. This allows me the benefit of quick access to expert insight within the riding, as well as immediate consultation from knowledgeable professionals in their specific field. The Science and Technology segment encompasses a complex array of issues, including digital media, telecommunications, information technology, biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce my new website, This interactive website has been an ongoing project for my staff and I for the last few months, and was launched in mid-January. The site is an informative guide to all of the many services that my office provides, including birth certificate assistance, WSIB help, Trillium Drug Plan assistance, and many more helpful services. The website was also designed to encourage feedback to my office, through helpful on-line polls and a constituent feedback page, which goes directly to my office account. I am always looking for your opinion, so please forward to me any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding the website.

I am very excited about the prospects that lie ahead for myself, and for you, the people I represent in the city of Ottawa. With your participation I think the new website can be a great communication tool, not only to air your concerns, but also to keep on top of the issues affecting the riding. Hopefully your year is going well thus far, and I wish you all the best.