The Carlington Summit

The poverty awareness week is being organized to help dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding poverty, to increase awareness of the realities of those struggling to live in poverty, and to inspire Ottawans to take actions to support those most in need in our community. This year's theme will be “poverty among” to illuminate how poverty affects a broad spectrum people across society.

The poverty awareness week will be launched at Ottawa City Hall on March 1st and continue until its close on International Women's Day, March 8, 2001.

In our community, poverty is especially prevalent amongst our families, youth and children. Those families poverty is not life style of choice but reality of life. Having to live on limited financial resources is not the only big challenge faced by those individuals. There are numerous other every day life experiences which are equally challenging.

The poverty challenge is a prime opportunity for Ottawa citizens to gain a better understanding of living in poverty. It runs at the same time as poverty awareness week. Participants agree to try living on social assistance rates for a week, only $37 for a week (for single adult) to cover food, transportation, and all other costs after rent and phone. “It's a very educational experience” said Andrew Van Lerson, the challenge coordinator. Over 60 people took the challenge last year. Organizers will send all participants a package to help you track your spending. Try the life of a poor person for a week. Attend poverty events in your community to find out more info.

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Poverty awareness week is organized by a coalition of community members living in poverty, representatives of community health and resource centres and the poverty awareness committee.