The Carlington Summit

Can you help families be proud of themselves and their homes?

Imagine trying to keeping your house and your clothes clean using only water? - no soap, no detergent, no mop or broom, no garbage bags, no vacuum cleaner? Families on low income or social assistance sometimes pay as much as 90% of their income on rent, leaving no money for such basic needs as cleaning supplies. These are luxury items that they cannot afford.

A clean house is a source of pride as well as a healthy living environment. Clean clothes help people feel better about themselves and their children. Carlington Community and Health Services is collecting the necessary materials and supplies for families that need cleaning items. Vacuum cleaners, pails, and mops can be borrowed for cleaning, while supplies such as soap and garbage bags can be provided as needed.

We are working with the Belair community to store and issue the cleaning materials to families that need them. But we need your help to collect these items. Perhaps you have an old, unused vacuum cleaner that still works well or an extra mop, broom or pail. For a small donation you can help us with the supplies, for example, laundry detergent ($18 bulk size), garbage bags ($6/package), money for the laundry machines ($2.50/wash & dry), vacuum cleaner bags ($10/package).

Just think how pleasant it is to live in a clean house and how good you feel when you step out in clean clothes. Can you help your neighbours also feel good about themselves and their homes? Call Wanda Romaniec for adoption at 722-4000.

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