The Carlington Summit

We're moving - the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board passed a motion on Feb 13 to purchase the St. Bonaventure French Catholic School site at 1366 Coldrey and move St. Elizabeth school from 893 Admiral. Council and parents have been very active in the process to make this decision. The response has been very positive from parents, Council and Staff. Major refurbishing at a cost of $1.6 million will be completed to provide students and staff with virtually a “new school”. The Parish is also pleased with the move - students will have faster, safer and easier access to St. Elizabeth Church on Leaside Avenue with no crossing of Merivale Rd. The move will occur prior to September, 2001 presuming construction is completed.

The Vice-Chair of the School Council, Sheldon Montroy, has been representing us at public meetings regarding the delivery method of French as a Second Language in the Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board. Council believes that French education is very important for our children here in the Ottawa area and has recommended that the Board use all resources available to ensure continued, quality instruction in French for our students. In a recommendation from staff at the Board Meeting Feb 13, Michael Baine, Superintendent for Educational Programs, presented a 4 year transition plan to provide uniform French education to both the Carleton and Ottawa Sector schools. The recommendations will be presented in public meetings in February and March and implementation will start by September 2001. Council is also pleased with the recommendations and believes students' needs will be addressed with this new delivery method.

Volunteers - Council is actively pursuing increasing our volunteer base to assist with numerous programs in the school. The Early Literacy Program which requires volunteers to assist students in junior grades with reading is an example. We also need volunteers to assist with hot lunch distribution, daily milk programs, Book Fairs and the annual BBQ. Anyone interested should contact Michele Dillabough through the school 728-4744.

School Council Regulation changes - The Provincial Ministry of Education has made many changes to the previous guidelines that Councils operated under. Now, these guidelines have become law and require Principals to work with Councils on many educational matters affecting students.

Family Night - Over 190 students, staff, and parents enjoyed a night at the Lansdowne Park, taking in a 67's hockey game on Feb 23, 2001. A Peace Rally for the Board's High School students was held during the day and the evening was a time for some fun. The 67's were very generous with free tickets for students and everyone had a great time.