The Carlington Summit

Can you entertain and educate a child at the same time?

The Toy Library offers children a good choice of toys, books, and videos that are fun and educational. It keeps pace with children as they grow and their interests and abilities change. The Toy Library is also a parental support program: parents know their children are reading and playing with good quality, educational materials and they can keep the family budget balanced by not overspending on toys.

The Toy Library allows pre-school and school-age children to borrow new toys, books, and videos every three weeks. It's so popular that some members take two and even three buses to get there.

Carlington Community Health Services supports a toy librarian six hours a week and an early children education advisor. But toys wear out, need repair or replacing. And since some parents cannot afford the bus fare to bring their children to the library, we want to add a mobile service to visit other sites:. Can you help?

Remember how much fun your toys were? Want to give other children the same pleasure?

Call Anne Joyce (722-4000) about adoption.

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