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Zoning and Site Plan applications put forward to the City of Ottawa by Ashcroft Homes earlier this year are set to put a very different look on Central Park. Up until now only townhomes, semi-detached and single homes have been built in Central Park. With this set of applications, Ashcroft Homes is proposing to build several high rise towers as well as a retirement building and commercial stores.

These developments are being proposed through two separate processes.

Residential/Commercial Development

The first set of applications is for a site called 300 Central Park Dr.

This site is located at the corner of Merivale Rd. and Central Park Dr. (south). It encompasses all the land between the existing park and Merivale Rd. from sales centre to Central Park Dr.

Summit readers will recall that in 1997 Ashcroft Homes proposed a large retail facility (82,000 sq. ft.) for this location. The “big box store” concept was soundly rejected by the local residents and the City.

Ashcroft Homes is again looking to re-zone residential land. This time both the existing residential and commercial areas would be re-zoned as an employment centre zone. This zoning would allow a variety of commercial and office uses, apartment uses, as well as dwelling units. If the re-zoning is approved, Ashcroft is proposing to build:

Residential/Retirement Development

The second application is for a site called 110 Central Park Dr. This site is located on the other side of the existing park filling in the remaining area of the Central Park Dr. loop.

This application would create:

Community Response

The applications for 300 Central Park Drive have received a large and negative community response. Many letters have been sent to city planner Patrick Legault, local councillor Wendy Stewart as well as to the mayor and the full city council.

Concerns outlined in the letters from Central Park residents ranged from lack of privacy that the new towers will create, as well as lighting, noise and traffic issues. Loss of park space from the current zoning was also raised.

The application for 110 Central Park Drive is somewhat newer and thus far the Central Park community has not been as prolific with its response. Expectations are that more letters will be sent to City Hall objecting to this application as well.

Submissions to the City

The comment period for the 300 CPD application has now closed. However, comments are still being accepted by the City for the 110 CPD application until April 20.

An official public meeting (or meetings) will be scheduled later this spring before Planning and Development Committee, at City Hall. At this meeting, the public will again have an opportunity to state their views to decision-makers.

For up-to-date information on the development, visit the Central Park web site:


Site plan for 110 Central Park Drive.


Site plan for 300 Central Park Drive.