The Carlington Summit

All is not well with the Carlington Summit

Our Advertising Manager Wayne Kennedy has been too busy with other things to sell advertising for us. So we have been loosing money steadily - about $300-$400 per issue. Many organizations contribute copy to the paper, but only a few have money to pay for their insertions. This cannot go on forever.

Our Distribution Manager has resigned due to other commitments, and so this vital role in getting the Summit to you is now vacant. We require someone to undertake to follow up with all carriers, update the appropriate lists, and then oversee the process every month starting immediately. This commitment requires perhaps three hours a month, and a willingness to provide a phone number for publication so that distribution problems can be addressed.

We continue to be short of contributors of articles and reports. There are many groups active in Carlington that never get reported in the Summit. We run the risk of being marginalized by apathy. Readers have noted that the paper has been getting later in the month since December - this is not because of lack of effort on our part, but rather because we have lacked the content to publish the usual 12 pages until well into the month.

Perhaps of most importance, the position of Editor requires someone new starting for Volume 19 in September, as I will not be able to continue. There will be plenty of help and support for whoever takes this on, figure on 20-40 hours a month of work. This would be an excellent opportunity for someone with journalistic training to practice and hone their skills. Or a seasoned community volunteer to keep involved.

On the plus side of the equation...

We still have enough money in the bank to keep the paper going well into volume 19, even at the current rate of loss. Our Treasurer, David Rupar has been doing stellar duty keeping on top of our finances, and collecting on some of the outstanding debts. Thank you David.

We also enjoy good support from our elected officials and the City of Ottawa for their steady supply of content and revenue.

A core of contributors continue to support the Summit with their commitment of time. Especially noteworthy is our layout person, H.J. “Clem” McClemens. He has been producing the Carlington Summit since its inception back in 1983, and has given no indication of relenting. Thank you Clem. Other stalwarts: the Darwin Family and Frances Tanner. Without these folks this paper would be finished for sure.

Please consider how you can help out and contact us.

Greg Clunis,