The Carlington Summit

It all started with the People's Hearing. The People's Hearing was rooted in a process that started in Toronto to address the problems of poverty, hunger and homelessness in communities across Ontario. In March 1997, the movement grew to Ottawa. Over 100 people participated in presentations all over our city. All were moved by the powerful emotions expressed by the individuals in these presentations.

From this process, a report was produced: “People First”. This report recommended that a task force on poverty be struck and work on developing recommendations for our city in its practices and policies in regards to issues of concern to citizens facing hardship. The Task Force was established in September 1998 and through its mandate produced two reports: People First: Creating Hope through Changes (July 1999) and People First: Removing Barriers through Action (February 2000).

People First has been working in Ottawa for the past 3 years to draw public attention to the challenges of people living in poverty, and to generate concrete community solutions. Now, a growing coalition of community organizations and community members is working together to prepare for new Advisory Committee on poverty, and to develop community based action groups across the city.

These grass roots community action groups will work with city councilors and others to build community participation, identify community issues, and work towards solutions.

You can participate!

Community Forums will take place all over the new city.

Come and join us. Together we can make a difference.

Carlington/South Community forum is: June 19 5:30 - 8:30 pm

South East Ottawa: Doug Henderson at 737-5115
Carlington Community & Health Services: ZamZam Tani at 722-4000