The Carlington Summit
by Lorena Morris.

On May 30, the sewing classes surprised us with a lovely FASHION SHOW, the first ever for the Family Centre. The photos tell of the personal creations and speak for themselves. We thank teacher Saada Hussain and her volunteer helpers, Paula Walsh and Diane Rochon for the excellent work accomplished throughout the year.

The ESL classes finished the recent semester on May 31st with awards, certificates, gifts and many happy faces. Everyone joined in for the BBQ, exchanging memories and happy to see CJOH photographer Paul with Anna Karina Tabunar who talked to the students on their way to meet Helen Synek and volunteers Rick Longpre and Eric Malette at the Food Bank. It was a treat to see them along with Keith McElroy on the six o'clock news on May 31st, giving their views on service at the food bank. If a grant comes through from Trillium Foundation, we will renovate the Food Bank area to make service more efficient. After 15 years , the need for renovating is an evident necessity.

Our day-program patrons will enjoy a visit to Lynx Stadium on June 7. There will be a berry-picking outing in June and a picnic at Lac Philippe in July.

The staff of the Family Centre wish to thank everyone for their support, cooperation and great community spirit.


Photos: Fashion Show Students
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