The Carlington Summit

Kids and Summer Camps: a lot of fun for a little investment. Can you adopt a girl or boy for a week at camp and many years of happy memories? Or would you like to adopt a little child for CCHS's “Fun in the Sun” day camp?

Thanks to your generosity, local kids went away to camp last summer. Again this year local community groups are subsidizing weekly summer camps so kids aged 7 to 13 years can enjoy swimming, boating, hiking and nature lore, campfire songs and marshmallow roasts. Kids lucky enough to go to camp gain a lot more than summer fun. They learn wilderness arts and skills, teamwork and life skills. They make new friends, take on leadership roles, and gain in confidence.

For every child who goes to camp for a week the sponsoring organizations pay $100 and all transportation costs. The family pays only $50, yet at CCHS we see many families who cannot afford this fee. Many kids can only dream of the $50 needed to get to camp.

Little kids 1 to 5 years old, too young to go away, enjoy Carlington's own summer day-camp, a half-day each week of outdoor play in the sun. There's a big sandbox to dig in, crafts, and easy games. Parents come too - to enjoy the outing, learn play activities appropriate for their young children, and find out about wearing sun hats and sun screen for playing safely in the sun.

Day-camp is free, but little children also need a helping hand: summer hats, shovels and pails and other sand toys, bubble kits, finger paints and paper, and money for children's sunscreen - an expense that their families cannot afford.

Can you adopt a child, age 7-13, this year and give her or him the best summer ever and a lifetime of memories?

Can you help a little one play safely in the sun this summer?

Call Carnen Viau or Anne Joyce at 722-4000 about adoption.

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