The Carlington Summit

My call (April 2001 Summit) for a volunteer(s) to assume the role of Editor for this newspaper produced only one response, and that from a friend and community volunteer who is already doing too much. If a new Editor is not found, this paper is finished.

The notice of meeting published below is in hopes that someone will come forward. The meeting will be very short otherwise.

The key duties of the Editor are as follows:

In the absence of other key volunteers, the Editor is also required to respond to enquiries from advertisers, and handle distribution management issues.

The position will require a minimum of 20 hours per month, a telephone line (need not be published), a computer and email address. The Summit can provide current revisions of the necessary software if required (new wordprocessor and web browser).

This position will be of interest to a person concerned about community issues and with knowledge of language and basic computer skills. Bilingualism would be an asset but is not required.

There is no formal screening process and the compensation is limited to the few expenses. Benefits are an increased awareness of community issues, and a deep sense of personal achievement and satisfaction.

Summer Meeting for SUMMIT Volunteers (excluding carriers)

When: Wednesday, 18 July, 2001, at 7:00 PM
Where: Carlington Community and Health Services, 900 Merivale Road

Items for discussion:
New Editor for September 2001,
September contributions,
Submission guidelines,

Please plan to attend if you want the Summit to continue and can help

For information call Greg at 729-9865